One-Angry-Young-Man Army (access_identity) wrote in arthurhistory,
One-Angry-Young-Man Army

The Quest for Merlin

I went to a bookstore and found a secondhand hardcover copy of Nikolai Tolstoy's "The Quest for Merlin". Haven't read it, but if any of you have read it, can you give comments and sorts?
(And to add to my other promises, I promise to make a short review/synopsis of it once I've done reading it ^___^)
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im glad you posted this. i own it as well but have never gotten around to reading it. i look forward to some reviews.
will try to write one ;)
Hm. Unfortunately, I found it terribly dull and never made it past the first twenty pages.
I liked it a lot. His thesis in short is that Merlin was originally a historical personage of the 6th c. A.D. and was only belatedly associated with King Arthur. Tolstoy's research is minutious and solid, and he is impressively well versed both historically and linguistically. Whether you agree with his theory or not, the material he offers is invaluable and he is refreshingly generous with quotes from original sources.
thank you! think i'm going to start reading the book soon! ;)