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Arafel's Guide to Arthurian Resources on the Internet

Hello guys


Here's to let you know that I finally posted that annotated guide to my recommended Arthurian websites as promised some longer time ago. Take a peak if you like :). The links are ordered in the following categories:


Arthurian History – historical research on King Arthur and his time

Arthurian Legend – the classic King Arthur

Arthurian Encyclopedias

Arthurian Texts   online full-text collections

Arthurian Candidates –  the various Arthurian theories presented

The Arthurian-Sarmatian Connection

Arthurian Mailing Lists

Arthurian Links


The category Arthurian Candidates attempts to accommodate most of the existing main theories on the historicity of Arthur. If I missed one please let me know


You can access the guide on my livejournal as part of Arafel's Sarmatian resources. The link is placed as appendix under the Sarmatian FAQ for King Arthur fanfiction writers.


Have fun,


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